The Observatório das Desigualdades e-Working Papers (OD e-WP), were launched in 2014 and have as main purpose to share among the academic community and civil society studies that contribute to the scientific knowledge about social inequalities and for its understanding as a multidimensional phenomenon.


All the working papers published are essentially research work in progress or updated reviews of relevant studies.

The OD-WP are submitted to peer review by the Inequality Observatory’s scientific council and other experts in the field.

The OD-WP can be accessed on this page or on ISCTE-IUL’s institutional repository.

ISSN: 2183-4199

Observatório das Desigualdades e-Working Papers available for download:

Processes of Classification and Categorisation of the Cultural and Migratory Diversity of Populations in the European Context
Ana Filipa Cândido and Teresa Seabra
doi: 10.15847/CIESODWP012023

Download – OD e-WP n.º 1/2023

Women’s political empowerment in comparative perspective: a critical review of gender indices
Francisca Reina
doi: 10.15847/CIESODWP022021

Download – OD e-WP n.º 2/2021

Human Development and Gender Inequalities in Portuguese-speaking African countries – New Millennium Trends
Tânia Liberato
doi: 10.15847/CIESODWP012021

Download – OD e-WP n.º 1/2021

Between setbacks and mitigation: paths and embezzlements of employment policies in Portugal in the last decade
Jorge Caleiras
doi: 10.15847/CIESODWP012019

Download – OD e-WP n.º 1/2019

Inequalities in the access to the education system in Portugal and Mexico
Mónica Farías
doi: 10.15847/CIESODWP122017

Download – OD e-WP n.º 1/2017

Austerity in education
Margarida M. Barroso
doi: 10.15847/CIESODWP122016

Download – OD e-WP n.º 1/2016

Austerity in education
Rosário Mauritti, Maria do Carmo Botelho, Nuno Nunes, Daniela Craveiro
doi: 10.15847/CIESODWP032015

Download – OD e-WP n.º 3/2015

Reconfigurations and positioning of the concept of social mobility in the social sciences literature
Magda Nico
doi: 10.15847/CIESODWP022015

Download – OD e-WP n.º 2/2015

The constitution of a European inequality area
António Firmino da Costa, Rosário Mauritti, Susana da Cruz Martins, Nuno Nunes, Ana Lúcia Romão
doi: 10.15847/CIESODWP012015

Download – OD e-WP n.º 1/2015

The left and the right hand of the Portuguese State: current trends?
Maria do Carmo Botelho, Rosário Mauritti, Nuno Nunes, Daniela Craveiro
doi: 10.15847/CIESODWP042014

Download – OD e-WP n.º 4/2014

Inequalities, public services and global justice
João Mineiro
doi: 10.15847/CIESODWP032014

Download – OD e-WP n.º 3/2014

Cultural Inequalities in Europe
José Soares Neves
doi: 10.15847/CIESODWP022014

Download – OD e-WP n.º 2/2014

Gender inequalities at the top of the wage distribution in Portugal
Frederico Cantante
doi: 10.15847/CIESODWP012014

Download – OD e-WP n.º 1/2014